The Pharos Journal was founded in October of 2017 in response to an environment of censorship and persecution for conservatives across North American campuses and in society at large.

It was the belief of its founders that the university environment had largely become a leftist monoculture indoctrinating students, and that society as a result would suffer in the future. The tools of tradition, patriotism, solid economic policies and the other cornerstones of the big-tent conservative philosophy would be absent from the toolbox of the upcoming generation in their custodianship of an uncertain world.

Therefore, the founders set out to create a platform based on a simple mission statement:

“To disseminate a respectable publication of conservative opinion, and to foster the creation of environments conducive to the debate, promotion and teaching of conservative philosophy. ”

Dissemination: The sharing of opinions, professionally, with robust argumentation

Respectable: Elevating the publication’s style  above the banter of common internet banter

Conservative: Under as broad a range as economic to social, Burkean to Thatcherite

Opinion: Ensuring that opinions are not styled as news. Our audience doesn’t deserve to be told they’re getting the facts when they’re being given perspectives.

Debate: Making sure that conservative views don’t go unchallenged, and strengthening them as a result.

Teaching: Providing youth and elders alike with new alternatives to the tired views established in academia and politics

It is our hope that at The Pharos Journal you will find a variety of conservative opinions to suit your tastes, hone your views, and even introduce you to concepts you never imagined.